Guns does 100% damage to all monster sizes. Anti-Material Blast - Fires an immaterial projectile at a single target to inflict massive ranged physical damage. Grenade Launcher is a special gun that does elemental damages because of its special ammunition. DEX is your primary source of damage, as well as contributing towards the reduction of the variable casting time. I realized that having more STR & ATK for skill rebel builds will give even more damage but you would also need Hawk Eye enchants.   Pasted as rich text. The downside of this particular Firearm is that the Pistol generally has the lowest ATK out of all of the Firearms, although the attack speed you'll get out of this weapon will be more than enough to make up for it! 120 LUK is most definitely required to get the most out of the LUK Temporal Boots. Quick Draw Shot - This skill can only be cast after Chain Action is activated to deal additional damage to the target. Below is a comparison list for the weapon-types that a Rebel would use: - Other than Rapid Shower, Pistol Skills are generally close ranged! Additional damage is dependent on Desperado skill level. Play Ragnarok Online For free at Dreamer RO - the best high rate Ragnarok online private server. So he became a Rebel, but calls himself a Rebellion because he no good with words. This guide will open a new era for Rebellions :O. If there is no target afflicted with Crimson Marker, the skill will fail to activate. Gunslinger Job Change Guide • Gunslinger Weapon Quests • Rebel Job Change Guide: Weapons: Gun Classes of Ragnarok Online; Novice Class Novice • High Novice • Super Novice: First Class / High First Class: Swordman • Thief • Archer • Mage • Merchant • Acolyte: Second Class Knight • Crusader • Assassin • Rogue • Hunter • Bard • Dancer • Wizard • Sage • Blacksmith • Alchemist • Priest • Monk: … Only obtainable through the Jitterbug Instance, this particular accessory is probably the best accessory anyone can get. This page will tell you your character's stats in Ragnarok Online at different point in time. How to Safely Trade over 1b. It has a chance of breaking enemies' helm. Trying to main Rebellion. This way, I switch the boots and Garment when its clearing MVPs or Bosses. Remember, the numbers below are just a suggestion and you might want to make changes to them as to your liking. PC Guide [Ragnarok Online] อาชีพ Rebellion. Boosts Quick Draw Shot, Dragon Tail and Hammer of God effect. All targets that enter the trap's area of effect will have their movement speed slowed significantly. Dex: 120 Zeny: 3,000 Quest Prerequisite(s): Biolabs Entrance Quest, President Quest, Cursed Spirit Quest, Odin's Temple Excavation Quest: Rewards Base Experience: 200,000 Item (s): 1 Old Purple Box: Quest … Dex: 120~130 The reason as to why this particular armor is chosen is because it has the possibility of being enchanted with stats. Leveling a Rebel is not as hard as you may think, with a wide variety of high ATK modifiers skills at your disposal, a Gunslinger/Rebel is more than capable of defeating most enemies before Lv100 with incredible ease. Contracts (Daily Mission) Guide - How To Unlock Check out Paladin Stone 1- Brewing Rebellion story walkthrough for Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Vit: 1~80 Everyone, grab your revolvers, shotguns, rifles, whatever guns yourGunslinger likes to use and load them up because the Rebellion hasarrived on kROs Sakray server and OMG does this class have some awesomeskills. × Bound Trap - Lay down a powerful movement impairing trap on the ground. The reason is because most of the good Rebel weapons have the level requirement of Lv140 (such as Altea & Ares, Tempest). Quests. 1 Renewal 2 Revo-Classic 3 Ragnarok Online: Zero 4 See Also 5 References NOTE: Not all Episode updates had update pages … Majority of skills that revolves around Rifles involves very calculated usage (much like itself!) If there is no enemy affected by Crimson Marker in the targeted location, the hammer will drop on a random spot within the targeted location. I used the Vigilante Badge (L)  (or right? If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision. AGI: AGI is really important for classes that focuses on using auto attacks on enemies. Would be great if Gunslinger panic work as indeed but we're playing Ragnarok,everything is broken . Item (s) (Not Consumed): 1 Geek Glasses & 1 Grampa Beard. The original author is Vermillion and permission to publish this guide has been given to from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. No one have yet to confir… Do not take this guide seriously. Did you know that the first class I've ever played in Ragnarok was a Gunslinger? Heat Barrel - Increases attack and attack speed temporarily at cost of Hit rate. Select either option to be transported across the map. Gunslinger are a solid distance job with a variety of fire weapon to use in battle like Revolvers, Gatling gun, Rifle, Shotgun and Grande launcher. By using the skill "Slug Shot", a Rebel can easily destroy lower-tier MvPs in a single skill, thanks to the skill's ridiculous damage modifier. Any amounts of leftover stats points could be allocated here! Howling Mine - Fire a sticky bomb at the target to deal damage. Its an optional gear.). Ragnarok Online : Rebellion นักรบกบฎปืนกล ... Ragnarok Online First clear the Academy to earn free levels and get some mercenary scrolls and get the Critical Set for more damage, Agility set is also an option. วันนี้จะมาอธิบาย และแนะนำเกี่ยวกับสกิล และ stat ของอาชีพ Rebellion ในแต่ละสาย ซึ่งอาชีพนี้จะเข้ามาใน Ragnarok Patch Ep. Dex: 120 This is my current set-up. Dublin’s violent Easter Rising of 1916 ignites a long and bloody conflict between British military forces and Irish revolutionary fighters. Rebel Job Change Guide. - Has a higher ATK than Pistols, but loses out to Rifle. Round Trip with a 13x13 AoE will allow you to cover a wide area and with a high ATK modifiers, chances are that most monsters will die in a Round Trip or two! INT: Since the Rebel's SP pool isn't exactly the biggest you'll ever see, some investment of points into INT is probably recommended. Revolver is a standard Gunslinger/Rebellion gun to use. This headgear gives 2 DEX, as well as +3% HIT. Rebellion comes after Gunslinger. Some of these skills will consume as many as 10 coins and will have different level of effects depending on the coins consumed. You can start off at Moscovia Forest 3. Extra 7 points, you are free to put whatever you want. Luk: 1~33, Cheaper Options:Anything that adds Dex & Agi / Attack / Attack Speed, Newbie Gears Facebook. Third jobs are fully implemented, along with the Rebellion Awakening and Kagerou/Oboro expansion. Agi: 20~60 Int: 20~70 PC Guide [Ragnarok Online] อาชีพ Rebellion. Because Blade of Mori said you're the fastest IS runner. You might want to choose alternative cards such as Element Property cards (. It only doesn't seem to for flicker. Introduction to Shining Moon RO. Despite being a Rebel, you'll realize that you probably won't use any of your Rebel skills at least until you've reached Lv140. Within 2 seconds of activation, increase Desperado damage by 100%. Episode 17.1: Illusion continues the story from Episode 16.2: Terra Gloria, including familiar characters and references to past events.The adventure, however, is new and exciting, so get ready to explore the world of Illusion! (Sigrun's wings is 10,000,000 zeny at deluxe hat npc at Vending harbour. *Rifle (more of for WoE I think) Mass Spiral: says good for MvP with high Def, I havent tried. I'll also denote the skill level required for each skill, as well as a short explanation of each skill. The Rebellion class is known for their flexibility by simply switching weapons, and thus dealing large amounts of damage from a distance rivaling Rangers and Magic-users in tearing down foes! Major changes in the geography and history of the world take place as Episodes in theRagnarok Onlinetimeline. Reduces the damage taken from Undead monsters during the skills duration. ^~^ (You can also switch to Revolvers to spam Fire dance/Desperado with this set-up.). Each coin consume gives 5% off fixed cast time, thus a full stack coin consume will give 50% fixed cast reduction. Once you reach high levels, get some normal gears and start farming for Zeny to get good weapons from the Rebellions store, afterwards you can farm easily. Frequently Asked Questions. 1 Vermilion on the Beach 1 Marine Sphere Bottle. Vit: 50~100   You cannot paste images directly. Then you can join IS party to level up even faster. Int: 1~80 There's really no replacements for boots as Temporal Boots are arguably one of the best boots you can find in the game. So he became a Rebel, but calls himself a Rebellion because he no good with words. One thing of note is that the Temporal Boots requires 120 base stats to be allocated in their respective stats in order for a more powerful effect to take place. Btw the term Speed leveling means a fast method to level. With an additional 30% Ranged Attack bonus on it, there's really no other pistols that can match the damage this pistols provides. There are certainly uses for more INT, since Magical Bullet works well with increased MATK, although this is a really niche build. Still, the Grenade Launcher has it's uses. The most important factor of this build is to utilize Elite and normal buffalo revolver bandit cards. It is recommended that you use your most geared character to finish the quests as you are tasked to proceed to areas of high level monsters. Although more INT points means getting more damage out of Magical Bullet! Dragon Tail - Launches missiles at all targets on the screen that's marked by your Crimson Marker. I used Academy badge and School bag as the combination effect is very useful. DEX: The most important stat for any ranged characters. This is one of the best headgears for a CRIT build as it has everything a CRIT Rebel wants. Inflicts the bleeding status at a high chance. ... My Korean friend sent an email to gravity korea and they want a prove that their is actually a European community for a Ragnarok zero/transcendent server, I don't know how to do it, so I … Stats/Skills/Weapon suggestions would be greatly … The accuracy of the shot decreases for every cell after the first 3 cells from the target. Adding on top of the Slug Shot's HIT penalty, a Rebel might just find themselves missing a lot on certain monsters that has high enough flee. If you have applause, use it for skill rebel for extra spamming of skills. Heroic Backpack is arguably one of the best garments any class could use. Dex: 100~120 Madness Canceler can also be used to disable Platinum Alter if you want to use Heat Barrel. Most of them are repeatable and easily gives a few Base Levels and Job Levels per completion. Introduction to Renewal. and with the added bonus of getting some ATK out of the STR you've invested. Each use consumes all coins. Gatling Guns are used commonly for Rebellion as it provides high damage output and fast Attack Speed with its buffs.High damage, attack speed. that would give an even more bonus ATK stats. WoE: debuffer (shotgun/rifle) or maybe back support (gatling/g. This is my own opinion and experience, and if you have better methods and alternatives, feel free to share them. วันนี้จะมาอธิบาย และแนะนำเกี่ยวกับสกิล และ stat ของอาชีพ Rebellion ในแต่ละสาย ซึ่งอาชีพนี้จะเข้ามาใน Ragnarok Patch Ep. I managed to reach 175 so far with this set-up and able to do decent damage. Paste as plain text instead, × Currently having these cards: +16 White Tiger Hat is quite expensive... its quite expensive, but worth the zeny once you actually farmed for it. Gatling Guns are almost the same as Revolvers, but Gunslinger has a skill called "Gatling Fever". Server's Ex-Number One Rebellion At being really bad at it, Nice bro... Can please add some photo to look more attempting? Gunslinger decided he needed more ways to use lots of bullets. [Renewal] rebellion build and equipment « on: Feb 25, 2014, 02:01 pm » hi! launcher) There's a way to play with Rebel in pvp,but,u will need : ... to get the gears, after this i will try to pvp . Once you're a Gunslinger, things will start picking up for you. INTRODUCTION TO REBEL: Rebellion is a ranged class that utilizes firearm to dispose of their enemy from afar or from up close, their arsenal includes revolver, rifle, gatling gun, shotgun and grenade launcher with each having unique skills that requires specific types of weapon to be equipped. With a huge 400 base ATK, the Death Fire has the highest damage among all of the Shotguns in the game, making it an ideal candidate to use Slug Shot with. Str: 1~50 The class, in a nutshell, it's pretty much a "Rambo" since there isn't really any great survival at all aside if you want to just be a ranged tank and that's only if you've access to the upper headgear Yellow Ribbon/Yellow Bandana, in the server where you play, that let's you achieve 95% ranged reduction. 2% Ranged Attack bonus is better than 2% ATK increase from Robo Eyes because of how formulas are calculated, but you lose out on the DEX. Remember, the numbers below are just a suggestion and you might want to make changes to them as to your liking. Generally speaking, a Rebel player would specializes in PvM would like to use a combination of Pistols, Gatling Guns and Grenade Launcher. Luk: 120, Auto Hit (Tengu): Cast a holy barrier similar with Kyrie Eleison to support player's defence. It is recommended to get a +10 color scope and add both cards in. Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. 120 AGI will enable you to get 193 ASPD easily with Pistols. If the Howling Mine is not detonated for a certain duration, it will fall off from the target. Not only that, it gives you a small increase of ATK, so it might be a better investment than STR for some people.