We were not hunting the actual Peace River, but rather, one of the many tributary streams leading into it. Often, they’ll be right on top. Fairly easy for people of moderate health or better. After getting to our spot, we unloaded the needed gear: a home-made sifter, a large garden shovel, and a broken off golf club, for probing the bottom for gravel, and holding the sifter in place. You can find all types of fossils including shark teeth, mammoth teeth, camel teeth, dolphin teeth, mastodon teeth, you name it. He set up an area in […], Hi Fred, We would like to thank you for the wonderful day this past Tues. We all learned a lot about the fossils of the area […], Hi Fred, I just wanted to thank you again for the great day on Sun. Below is a mock in-situ shot of what it looked like. Adults - … I stated hunting the Peace recently and have done pretty good on my own. I will recommend your guided tours into pre-history to everyone vacationing or living […], Fossil Gravel Steals Santa’s Thunder! We did all of the above & we did it on a shoestring budget. And was on my to-do list for way too long. With all local boats fully booked in advance, we decided to try our luck at shore diving for shark teeth off the beach in Venice, Florida and we were rewarded for our efforts. horse teeth). Filed Under: Trip Report Tagged With: arcadia florida fossils, megalodon teeth peace river, peace river canoe outpost fossils, peace river feeder creek fossils, peace river fossil collecting. Below is a breakdown of each trip to the river, and accompanying photos for each. l just read your article and want to thank you for such an informative piece. I cannot say we topped that find, but still stayed out several more hours until calling it a day. It was a cold day still, with a high of about 55 degrees, but the sun was shining and the wind was low so it was a pleasant day, especially compared to Chicago’s 10 degrees. The third and final trip on the Peace River brought me to Charlie Creek, an area recommended by Patrick, my guide from a few days earlier. The creek was not very deep and was easily walkable for the distance we were going, and probably much further. Yes, we were finding some small Megaladon Tooth fragments, and considered those great finds of the day. Below is a shot of 2 teeth, one from the creek, and one from the river. And my going home parting gift? Visited one of my favorite back, Today marks day 30 of quarantine for me. Last stops- Moab->Zion-D, Old faithful erupting, 1am under a full moon, 2 of my best pics. Bring a screen, something to dig with, and bags to put your finds in. To find a near complete one of this size is almost unheard of for the area. It was not near the Peace River, actually a little over an hours drive each way. People have unearthed megalodon teeth — giant shark teeth measuring as long as 3 inches — as well as bones from Ice Age-era animals like mastodons and giant armadillos. hey thanks so much, it was a great time. The trip’s success can be credited mostly to ideal water conditions. The slow, winding river is a great trip, not just for fossil collectors, but vacationers too. Below is a shot of 2 teeth, one from the creek, and one from the river. Peace River . A quick google search will yield several results of tour guides who take guests out for a reasonable fee ($40-110 per person, based on how many people and how far the trip). definitely worth the trip. We all had a wonderful time and were thrilled […], Dear Fred, I wanted to again tell you how much fun we had looking for fossils. Fossil Shark teeth are specifically excluded, but in the Peace River, you will be finding more than just shark teeth, so be sure to get a permit first. The timing for this trip was quite good, as most of the water was about as low as it gets throughout the year. More trip reports and reviews are on Fossil Funatics Facebook. Shark Tooth Hill Location: Bakersfield, California Types of fossils: Shark teeth, marine mammal bonesCommon finds: Megalodon, Mako and other shark teeth Bakersfield, Shark Tooth Hill Bakersfield, Ernst Ranch, this ranch is very close, but separate from what is known as “Shark Tooth Hill,” there is a $70 fee but I have read it is worth it, @Nicholas_celozzi and @jamesprola on instagram have some good photos from the ar… Florida fossil shark teeth come from a variety of different species, some of which are still living, (or extant, as opposed to extinct.) Zoom out a bit and you can see the Brownville Park boat ramp. Looks like a great trip. Many times, a trip is considered a success or failure […], Fred, Thank you so very much for providing an amazing and memorable experience for our students.They had an absolutely fabulous time and I appreciate all of […], Hi Fred, Thanks for another fun trip on the Peace River this year. If you aren’t lucky enough to live near an area where you can find your own shark teeth, don’t worry. If this is your first time here, please stop by the About Page. And again, the water was very shallow and collecting was very easy here. It is a well-known gravel bed, near a tall cyprus tree. The full haul of fossils and bones from the trip is below. 40 Beach Teeth/10 Peace River Teeth + One Shark Tooth Necklace + Bonus SharkArtbyClark. I shared the info about Paleo Discoveries with my dad and he ordered 3 jars of the Fossil Gravel. Below is the location of the boat ramp where I launched my inflatable kayak. The temperature dropped and it rained nearly all day across most of Central Florida, so we called it off and we were unable to find another day that worked for us. I will refer you to Fossil Funatics and their tour service for the actual name of this creek, I am not in the business of sharing collector’s spots, unless they are common knowledge or I found them on my own. Sharks have lived on earth for over 400 million years and while there have been many different and varied species during that time, their basic body plan has changed relatively little and sharks are considered one of the most successful animals ever to have lived. Scientists say Florida was underwater millions of years ago. It was slightly more covered by dirt, you can almost see the difference in color where a full ~2 inches of the tip was sticking out. Fred- I want to thank you for such a great time on the fossil hunting trip that we took on June 23rd. This is because of the minerals present in the soil in different areas. Wow!! I try to go to florida every year and collect a part of the Peace River. the 18th. We were sitting RIGHT next to it for several hours with nobody noticing! It took me some time after learning about the Peace River to finally take the trip from Chicago. Surprising for how shallow the water was. Had the area been going through a rain spell, the whole trip might have been a bust. I spoke with someone at the boat ramp, who was also collecting teeth, who said that 2-3 miles upstream from there (a few hours’ paddle) the fossil collecting is quite good. We were able to broaden our spectrum of fossil varieties from last year’s […], Hi Fred – Regarding the fossil-hunting tour; I had an ABSOLUTELY fantastic day. And I am glad I did because right at this boat launch, there is a very large and productive gravel bed. Thank you! Details about Fossil Lot shark teeth alligator scoot Peace River shark tooth bone Teacher Mix See original listing. During my trip, the first week of January, the water was nearly as low as it gets throughout the year, perfect for collecting and kayaking. It is known to have many fossilized shark teeth. Many prefer to canoe or kayak to more remote hunting areas like Horse Creek. Jessica Timmons, Brookside Middle School, Sarasota, Fla. Kelli, Mike, Ashley and Aubrey from Rockford, Ill. Steve Allen and daughter Hazel (age 7), Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. This browser does not support the HTML5 video element. 5 out of 5 stars (400) 400 reviews $ 8.19. The most commonly found species in the Peace River area are lemon, bull, dusky, tiger, mako, snaggletooth, megalodon, sand tiger, tiger, sharp-nosed and snaggletooth. During the summer, the river’s water level usually rises to a point that makes it no longer possible to hunt for shark teeth. Your order will include 40 shark teeth from Manasota Key which is approximately 6 miles south of Venice, "The Shark's Tooth Capital of the World" and 10 shark teeth from the Peace river, off the beach (diving) and land sites in Southwest Florida. Compared to midwestern rivers, the Peace is very natural, only intersecting with a few slow country roads, and the very occasional house. The Geological Survey of the State of Maryland takes pride in … Links to higher quality photos of my finds are below: I did not get as many photos of this dig, since I was by myself. Shark teeth are the most common vertebrate fossils in the world due to their durability and sharks’ world-wide distribution for over 400 million years. We started finding teeth almost immediately. This is because of the minerals present in the soil in different areas. Other common finds were stingray teeth, and bone fragments. Winning bid: US $10.50 [ … “Do you guys ever check the banks at all?” I said. The bottom was limestone, so the shovel and sifting was restricted to about the first foot or so of the bottom. I would also paddle further upstream from the Canoe Outpost Garder. Each of the art kits is all-inclusive with the shark teeth, artboard (complete with the profile where you glue the teeth), and directions. Again, the fossils from the Peace River on the right are much darker. I tried looking for other spots on the way back, but the waist-deep water, and mostly sandy bottom was less than ideal, and there were not any spots between this gravel bed and the boat ramp where I launched. We collect with a shovel and screen. One of the best and I’ve done lots of great adventures for sure. There are also a variety of teeth from smaller species which can only be found by fine-screening sediments. I will definitely get back with you later in the summer and tell anyone interested that you […]. It was just over 3.75” and still retained much of its enamel and serrations. In no particular order: Amateur Fossil Collector, Fly Fisherman, Author, Reader, Hiker, Outdoorsman, Environmentalist, and much more Read More…, http://americanfossilhunt.com/peace-river-trip-finds-january-4-11-2017/, « Mazon Creek- the 4 Tully Monster finds of 2016, Mazon Creek Fossil Collecting Opener and Trip Report 3/5/17 », End of the season/summer! “Just a quick note to tell you about our experience with the Fossil Gravel we ordered. You’re almost guaranteed to find fossilized shark teeth buried in the banks of Peace River. Shark teeth are lost and replaced continually by all types of sharks during their lives. It is a fantastic place to get away, relax, reconnect & rejuvenate. The paddle to Charlie Creek was not far at all, and the creek bed was very shallow and filled with gravel, a good sign for shark teeth. And I have a good suspicion you had plenty of fun too! From what I am told, the water levels can vary several feet, making some of the spots I was collecting all but impossible to get to. You can see the full spectrum here. Search along the beach or snorkel close to the shoreline, and you are sure to turn up a … The last find puts the trip very much in perspective. Even though Florida has many rivers, the Peace River in the southwestern part of the state has gained extra popularity in fossil hunters due to the abundance of quality specimens that can be recovered. I could have spent the rest of the winter down there I’d say haha. thanks for reading! The driver knows where the alligators are & even where babies just hatched. Subscribe if you want to watch more shark teeth hunting videos! Walk upstream to Charlie Creek, a good place for shark teeth. He is true nature-enthusiast and fossil hunter, a very like-minded collector, and honest individual that I would more than gladly collect with again. Florida fossil shark teeth come from a variety of different species, some of which are still living, (or extant, as opposed to extinct.) Maryland’s Calvert Cliffs State Park. Kayak along the Peace River to look for shark teeth—as well as bone and tooth fragments from prehistoric mammoths, mastodons, horses, and saber-toothed cats—on a … Go to any boat ramp on the upper to middle Peace and you’ll see fossil hunters. Version 0810 current as of OCT 2008. The permit application, permit renewal, and additional information from the FLMNH is here: FOSSIL PERMIT . If your ever back this way hit me up…I have all the gear we would need and know a few great spots. http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/71528-first-timer-to-the-peace-river-american-fossil-hunt/. A peaceful Roar, this little gem was tucked away and hidden until. The most commonly found species in the Peace River area are lemon, bull, dusky, tiger, mako, snaggletooth, megalodon, sand tiger, tiger, sharp-nosed and snaggletooth. With three different families, a total of 15 people of varying ages, everyone […], Thanks for 2 great days on the river! But it was nice weather, and a very photogenic area. As always, a big thanks to Patrick (Fossil Funatics) for bringing us to a site with potential!! Despite this commute, I still made it to the Peace River on 3 separate occasions during the 7-day trip. Our site is known as an … Image source: Wikimedia Commons. http://americanfossilhunt.com/peace-river-trip-finds-january-4-11-2017/ But the one thing that is worth mentioning is that the tributary creek I was on a few days before, had fantastic colors in the teeth. What a great day! Had a blast…even if you are now affectionately known as the #Lucky Rookie in my books for finding that Meg! However, the weather did not work out. I cannot understate what a find this is. It is priced at 5.25, because I wrote the book as a first-time collector of the region. You’ll need freshwater fishing licenses for this if you’re above a certain age. We all loved every minute of it, Chloe and Layla have taken in ALL […], I just wanted to say again how wonderful your program was today. They were kind enough to share some tips, boat launches, and dig spots for me to go solo, so I went Sunday to their recommended spots. The canoe helped to carry the gear and snacks provided by Patrick. The approximate location is in the map below. You don't get wet, the Peace River is shallow & it's located out in the country of the real Florida . Every collector and scientist would like to have a prehistoric shark tooth specimen for display. There are several guides in the area, hardcore hobbyists and fossil hunters, who have made businesses of taking people out on the Peace River. Just wanted to thank you for taking my daughter, her son and myself on […], Hi Fred, we just wanted to thank you for the great day yesterday! Sam and I were most […], We may get older but we should never stop exploring and learning! You can find shark teeth for sale to add to your collection. Unfortunately, this was the closest public boat ramp to access that area, and I did not have enough days left in my trip to make the journey. Back to States INDEX. I will add pages as my travels allow. Jun 30, 2020 - Explore Crystal Gornto's board "Shark Teeth Fun Texas Style" on Pinterest. We had a great time and you were terrific! From shop SharkArtbyClark. Fred, Wow! Some people say that the Peace River and certain creeks get too much fossil collecting traffic, and the area is getting very picked over, you have to travel further and further to get to the “good stuff.” And to them I can prove there are nice Megalodon Teeth right next to the boat ramp. Within eyesight of the boat ramp. Many types, that I learned to be hemi, tiger, lemon, and dusky shark. With guides providing the tools, experience, knowledge, water, and snacks, the fee is well worth it. But I found a couple nice horse teeth and a small mammal jaw. Thanks for posting! Once we got back Hazel and I couldn’t help but count our […], Copyright Paleo Discoveries, LLC 2004-2020, Kathryn Archibald, Palm Bay Charter School, Palm Bay, Fl, Sincerely, Rob N., W. Bloomfield, Michigan. And I will be posting detailed photos and information on my finds on the Fossil Forum. Venice Beach is known as the “Shark Tooth Capital of the World” for its abundant finds. Arcadia, a town with a wild west past, has a restored downtown area that’s worth take time to visit and Slim’s BBQ on northbound 17. So, it's quite common to find marine fossils (e.g. It’s definitely on my to do list. Fossil Lot shark teeth alligator scoot Peace River shark tooth bone Teacher Mix: Condition:--not specified. Look in the riverbank as well as in the gravel. Haven’t, public fossil hunting sites in the United States, http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/71528-first-timer-to-the-peace-river-american-fossil-hunt/. The most commonly found species in the Peace River area are lemon, bull, dusky, tiger, mako, snaggletooth, megalodon, sand tiger, tiger, sharp-nosed and snaggletooth. Again, this was a relatively short solo trip, so I headed back to the boat ramp with plenty of sun left in the day. Though I did not find it as rich as the first creek I hunted, or necessarily any better than than the day before. 80 teeth will be from Manasota beach (approximately six miles south of Venice beach, the "Shark's Tooth Capital of the World" in Southwest Florida and 20 teeth will be from the Peace river, off the beach (diving) and land sites in Southwest Florida. If you never did an air boat ride, this is the place! Ended: Sep 22, 2020. This was the first “field trip” since launching American Fossil Hunt. You can see the full spectrum here. I found a very nice alligator tooth here, about an inch long. There is a link at the bottom of this post for the full finds report. On the Peace River, flowing from Central Florida to the Charlotte Harbor area, you are almost guaranteed to find shark teeth. We had such […], Hi Fred, Just wanted to say thank you again for our expedition yesterday! You get 100 fossilized shark teeth. A great time was has by all!! Looking forward to another trip with you. In addition to Venice Beach, one of Florida’s top spots for hunting megalodon teeth is the Peace River, two hours south of Orlando. Florida fossil shark teeth come from a variety of different species, some of which are still living, (or extant, as opposed to extinct.) The best way to find fossils though is to rent a canoe or kayak and work your way down the river. Start your search during periods of low water and sift around exposed sandbars. The best thing to do then is to float down the river in your canoe and do some fishing. January 21, 2017 by American Fossil Hunt 8 Comments. The geologic formation is likely the Hawthorn Group, Peace River Formation, Bone Valley Member which ranges in age from Miocene to Pliocene. Favorite Add to Megalodon Shark Tooth Watercolor Fine Art Print - Shark Tooth No. This river has the fine species of camel, mastodon, shark teeth, mouth plates and plenty more. See more ideas about shark teeth, shark, texas style. This trip was just a few hours, and it took a bit longer to paddle back up stream back ot the ramp but it was not too difficult. Most of the fossils here are found while wading in the water or snorkeling under its surface, and many people will rent a canoe and go along the river for some more mundane recreation while they’re on the hunt. While teeth are the most commonly found shark fossils, fin spines, vertebrae, and tiny dermal denticles are also found as fossils. Plus you will receive one FREE shark tooth necklace, one FREE Large A shark tooth (1/2"-47/64") as well as one bonus item. This was just one boat ramp north of the one I had launched at prior. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. is probably the best place you can find megalodon teeth, although you cannot take them home to add to our growing number of shark teeth collection.. ... SHARK TEETH! The walk to the location where we were to start digging was about 30 minutes, with a few stops along the way. I hope to visit 2-3 each year, with 2017 being the informal launch. I had a good haul from a short trip in January, but packed it away before photographing it and posting it here. shark teeth) in the same area as a land fossils (e.g. […], Thank you for a wonderful day on the Peace River digging for fossils. It was great meeting and hunting with you Andrew! Searching for sharks teeth, plus mammal and reptile bones and teeth. Its also a really great place to find sharks teeth & fossils. Rarely, because it is soft and doesn’t lend itself to fossilization, pieces of cartilage which make up the shark’s skeleton are fossilized. Not only did we learn a lot about shore diving on the West Coast, we also scouted out some good dive sites, added to our diving experience, and enjoyed the local flavor - food, flavors, architecture and new friends. For when I return to try my hand at collecting this river again, I would definitely be connecting with Fossil Funatics, to enjoy the company and new spots that Patrick finds. In this video I go scuba diving for shark teeth in the Peace River located in Florida! 50 Fossilized Shark Teeth. Tim Snyder, the Shark Art Guy, in his favorite shark-tooth treasure hunting place, the Peace River, 25 to 50 miles from where it enters the Gulf of Mexico. I can see why there are so many canoe trip and fossil guides that frequent these waters. Canoe Outpost – Peace River. River access is via the town park or through the Peace River Campground that has secluded tent sites right on the river. Hopefully one trip each year or every 2 years, I really had a great time and this could be my new winter escape from Chicago. Hwy 17 kind of runs with the river so starting in Ft Meade we began checking out the places we had seen online. And at the end of that very sentence, this beast caught my eye. The spot I was going to was about a 15 minute paddle downstream. The next day after the Fossil Funatics trip, some members of the Fossil Forum and I were planning to do a group trip (one of them I met in the aforementioned Mazon Creek dig a few years ago). As I mentioned it was a chilly day, so I was the only one on the water. I searched through these tours, websites, and reviews and narrowed my first outing down to 2 potential guides, Fossil Funatics and Fossil Expeditions. many guests find 100+ in a day! It was a beautiful river, my pictures hardly do it justice. I spent about an hour there. In the dry season, (Dec-May) the water is shallow and clear and you can walk in at the ramp and wade up stream and hunt as you walk. The best kept secret in Florida is the Peace River. Florida's Oldest and Largest Canoe Outfitter. These kits are inexpensive and make an awesome gift. We monitor the USGS water level of the PEACE RIVER and many of her tributaries on a daily basis, and conduct "prospecting" runs seasonally in search of fossil rich locations. =). Again, the fossils from the Peace River … Call it the very start of a slow and potentially lifelong project to document all remaining and rapidly disappearing public fossil hunting sites in the United States. It was fantastic […], Hi Fred- thanks for the photos and for a fantastic time. The digging here was quite good. We had a blast. I did see someone fishing, they caught a nice bass a little upstream from here. On the Peace River proper, the teeth are mostly grey and black. We launched at about 8:30am, there were 3 people on the tour, 4 including Patrick, our knowledgable guide for the day. I highly recommend Fossil Funatics as a tour guide, and I’m thankful he had a group I could join during my trip. My students were inspired and excited to learn all those facts about Prehistoric […], I just wanted to thank you, once again, for an amazing experience. I stayed for a week, with family in Cape Coral, Florida. Thanks for the info and the pics. Seems like it was an excellent trip!!! Both are good options, but Fossil Funatics had a date that had room for an extra so I signed up immediately for that Friday. There are also a variety of teeth from smaller species which can only be found by fine-screening sediments. Back to MAIN PAGE KAYAK TRIPS: Location - Peace River, between Arcadia and Wauchula, FL. In a canoe or kayak, you can get to fossil spots most can’t get to. US And Canadian Fossil Sites -- Data for FLORIDA. So cool! We met at 8am at a small diner in a small town, about 30 minutes north of Arcadia, Florida. Peace River is another hotspot to hunt fossils in Florida just as long as the water isn’t running too high. On the Peace River proper, the teeth are mostly grey and black. At about the mid-day mark, I took a very short break from digging and sifting, and fell back on my Midwestern habits of looking for fossils weathering out of bare hills and water banks. We may paddle up to a mile or two from our vehicles. On the last scoop of the day, I pulled this monster out. Fossil hunters around the Peace River will often find bones from the mammoths and mastodons that walked there when Florida was grassland, as well as shark teeth from when the peninsula was covered with water. What are some of your best finds lately? Below is an image of a majority of finds from Day 1. For the true Florida experience, paddle the majestic Suwannee with its "white-water" stretches and white sandy beaches; the spring-fed Santa Fe's crystal clear water; the shady, "Outstanding Florida Waterway," Little Manatee River; or the beautiful, meandering Peace River, a fossil mecca.