A searchable database of all of the Pathfinder 2e official content. | d20 Anime SRD Only when he has decayed to a dry skeleton (after approximately 1 month) does the necklace loosen, ready for another victim. GMs should feel free to invent new cursed item effects to fit specific items. Once their curse is activated, bracers of defenselessness can be removed only by means of a remove curse spell. The DC of the caster level check to undo the curse is equal to 10 + the item’s caster level. 1) All cursed items identify as if they had the properties of a specific non-cursed magical item (i.e. Item curses alter their base item, much like a property rune, though they can’t be detected or identified unless a creature critically succeeds at a check to Identify the Item. A poisoned creature can make a DC 14 Fortitude save each round to negate the damage and end the affliction. Once he does, he discovers that rather than quenching the flame, the rod causes the flame to enter his body. Shop the Open Gaming Store! The bag of devouring is 90% likely to ignore any initial intrusion, but anytime thereafter that it senses living flesh within (such as if someone reaches into the bag to pull something out), it is 60% likely to close around the offending member and attempt to draw the whole victim in. These gloves appear and function as gloves of storing but repel any item not stored in the gloves. Whenever you activate the item, one of your fingers turns black and falls off. The item seems so intriguing and delightful that any creature holding it—including while examining it with Appraise or Spellcraft checks—becomes infatuated with the object and compelled to keep it (Will DC 13 negates). Keeping silent does not activate the ring’s curse. Cursed items are unusual magical creations that have a malicious effect on the unwary and can force its wielders into difficult choices. This cursed scrying device is indistinguishable, at first glance, from a normal crystal ball. Those failing a DC 15 Fortitude save take 3d6 points of Constitution damage immediately. Whenever you activate the item, you become incredibly hungry and immediately begin to starve. | FateCoreSRD Once the wearer starts to take lethal damage instead of nonlethal damage due to failed checks, he begins to experience ever more powerful cravings for the flesh of intelligent creatures (any living creature with an Intelligence of 3 or higher). If no ally is in range, you take the damage instead. Once picked up, the stone cannot be disposed of by any nonmagical means—if it is thrown away or smashed, it reappears somewhere upon the possessor’s person. When you invest the ring, you are rendered unable to tell a deliberate lie, in either speech or writing. Unofficial subreddit for anything related to the Pathfinder 2nd Edition tabletop role-playing game. It is—in fact, one of the feeding orifices of an extradimensional creature. Any character who opens the work and reads so much as a single word therein must make two DC 15 Will saves. The true nature of the armor does not reveal itself until the character is fired upon in earnest. Character’s vision is blurry (–2 penalty on. On a success, it devours the victim or object entirely. Character must sleep twice as much as normal. The straw end causes a victim to be blinded for 1 round when it hits. This extinguishes uncovered flames and soaks other objects you are carrying or holding, potentially ruining them. Requirements are so dependent upon suitability to the item that they should never be determined randomly. Taking fire damage while the persistent fire damage is in effect has no additional effect. Rare Conjuration Cursed Extradimensional Magical. Identifying Cursed Items: Cursed items are identified like any other magic item with one exception: unless the check made to identify the item exceeds the DC by 10 or more, the curse is not detected. This color change does not otherwise unnaturally persist and can be changed via any normal mundane or magical means. Most are created accidentally, but some are intentionally crafted to sabotage others or to gain a benefit even at the curse's often great cost. The gauntlets also lower Dexterity by 2 points. Once you pick up the monkey’s paw, you cannot discard the hand until it returns to a clenched fist by casting its three wishes. If the owner keeps the doll in a backpack or other closed container for much of the day, he has nightmares in which he slowly suffocates in a dark, cramped place. The system allowed for 3.5 materials to continue in circulation while also fixing some game-breaking rules. Magic Items +2 longsword, any magic weapon. Regardless of the curse, the armor is still +1 studded leather, and some characters may find it useful despite its (nonexistent) power over undead. Many cursed items cannot be discarded unless a successful remove curse, break enchantment, or similar magic is used on them. 46 Aura moderate abjuration; CL 12th Slot none; Price 3,400 gp; Weight — Description This stone grants a … The cloak can be handled or examined without harm, but when it is put on, it immediately bursts into flames that burn continuously but do not harm the cloak, only its wearer. If it is met, usually the item functions for one day before the requirement must be met again (although some requirements are one time only, others monthly, and still others continuous). Buyers must always beware of deals too good to be true, though, as curses ancient and insidious await. These items can only be discarded after the character or item is targeted by a remove curse or similar magic. If the check fails, the creature cannot be brought back to life by mortal magic. Cost 7,500 gp; Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells bestow curse, gentle repose, keen edge, New Pages This simple and unadorned copper ring appears slightly tarnished, but seemingly wards off the effects of hunger or other sorts of deprivation; all tests reveal it to be a ring of sustenance. If the PCs manage to break the curse, the newly uncursed item could be quite valuable. This additional weight does not cause the stone to deal more damage if thrown or used as a weapon. These simple calfskin gloves intensify the avaricious inclinations of their wearer. If a neutralize poison spell is then used, it is possible to revive a dead victim with a raise dead or resurrection spell. Log In Sign Up. Description. Introduce them to the players before the action begins, perhaps with a brief description on an index card. While you wear the boots, the curse activates whenever you attempt an Athletics check or Stride more than once in a single round during an encounter. If the owner spends more than 3 consecutive days in an urban setting, he must make a DC 15 Will saving throw each day to avoid playing the riot pipes at some point during each subsequent day. Once he does, the hat causes him to assume the guise of the creature or person the hostile creature most wants to harm. It reappears in your possessions within 1 minute if you discard it, and can’t be destroyed or thrown away permanently, or even placed in a container that would reduce or negate its Bulk (like a bag of holding), until it is subject to a remove curse spell or similar magic effect. The user of the device believes that the desired creature or scene was viewed, but actually he came under the influence of a powerful wizard, lich, or even some power or being from another plane. Character must undergo a specific quest (one time only, and the item functions normally thereafter). Once you make all three wishes, the monkey’s paw uses plane shift to travel to a random point in the multiverse. This simple musical instrument seems and behaves in all ways like any other kind of magical pipes until its owner plays it in an urban setting. However, it holds an inner malice for the wearer, whose saving throws take a constant –2 penalty. Close. Only curse-ending magic can rid the wielder of the sword once its curse activates. A robe of powerlessness appears to be a magic robe of another sort. Magic Items +2 greatsword, any magic weapon. | OGN Articles Item must be used to kill a living creature each day. Others reappear even if discarded or are impossible to throw away. This is a +2 shortspear, but each time it is used in melee against a foe and the attack roll is a natural 1, it damages its wielder instead of her intended target. Cost varies Type I 750 gp, Type II 3,000 gp, Type III 6,750 gp, Type IV 12,000 gp; Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells bestow curse, imbue with spell ability. More sinister, however, are deliberately cursed objects intended to visit vengeance upon their buyers or return some great wealth to their creators. To keep an item with this kind of curse functioning, one or more of the following conditions must be met. It’s unclear why it’s Lawful Evil for you to try to arrest someone who’s confessed to spreading cursed items throughout your barony. Magic Items ring of mind shielding, ring of x-ray vision. However, after they have been worn for 1 week, they begin distorting the wearer’s perception of value, replacing this bonus with a –10 penalty on the same checks. (This section uses the term “fuse” to describe either situation.) Also known as a loadstone, this small stone appears nonmagical and has a lovely sheen, giving the impression that it could be a valuable or a notable item or a magic stone of some kind. Cursed items are almost never made intentionally. | d20PFSRD All damage dealt is also reduced by 2 points, but never below a minimum of 1 point of damage on any successful hit. Removing the circlet requires breaking the curse. Occasionally they mix bad with good, forcing characters to make difficult choices. The wearer notices nothing unusual when the robe is donned, and it functions normally. On command, the front of this glass displays all activities on the other side of this surface like a window, piercing wood, earth, or stone up to 10 feet deep, but not metal. He must cease all other activities in order to scratch, shift the robe, and generally show signs of the extreme discomfort caused by the bites and movement of these pests. These boots act as greater boots of elvenkind, but they react wildly to strong physical exertion. The user is mentally fooled into thinking the item is functioning and cannot be convinced otherwise without the casting of remove curse. Thereafter, the cursed doll considers that creature its owner. This sword appears to be a +2 greatsword. At that point, the wearer and all living creatures within a 20-foot radius must each make a DC 15 Will saving throw to avoid believing that they are actually some sort of undead creature for the next 24 hours. Slot none; Weight 1 lb. This flame persists inside of him for the next 24 hours, causing minor discomfort and giving him the sickened condition, but causing no visible injury. If a remove curse spell is cast upon a loadstone, the item may be discarded normally and no longer haunts the individual. For instance, if you used a set of yellow staining lockpicks to open a door, the lock would permanently become yellow. The bag has CMD of 18 for those attempting to break free. This dried, gnarled hand is clenched in a fist, waiting for a creature to pick it up. She takes a –4 penalty to Dexterity and has a 20% chance of spell failure when trying to cast any arcane spell that has a somatic component. Cursed items can be sold, if the curse is not known to the buyer, as if they were the item they appear to be. Once the curse activates, the owner comes to regard using the mirror to spy ahead as his most effective tactic (after all, it has no limit to its duration) and does so whenever possible until curse-breaking magic frees him from its influence (anyone who uses the mirror to spy on hostiles, even if he wasn’t the one to activate the mirror, is also subject to this desire to continue using it). Magic Items breastplate of command, +1 breastplate. Actually, the amulet gives the wearer a –10 penalty on all saves against divination spells. If any character keeps the periapt in her possession for more than 24 hours, she contracts a terrible rotting affliction that permanently drains 1 point of Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma every week. While presenting this image to those in front of the mirror, it reveals those viewers to the enemies being observed, creating a two-way window; however, viewed creatures see those using the mirror accurately and can read their thoughts as if using detect thoughts. Only a remove curse spell enables the wearer to be rid of the boots once their true nature is revealed. Either pick one of the above that’s appropriate or create a drawback specifically for that item. The Magic Shoppe: Cursed Items. Amiri, the 2E Iconic Barbarian. Pathfinder First Edition Celebration! The wearer takes a –2 penalty on Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Perform (oratory), and Stealth checks. Once the curse has activated for the first time, the boots fuse to you. It can’t be put away or exchanged for another weapon until it has scored a hit. Cursed items are magic items with some sort of potentially negative impact. When the wielder uses the overcharged staff to cast shocking grasp, he takes 1d3 points of electricity damage per caster level (maximum 5d3). This hat performs in all ways like a hat of disguise until its owner attempts to use it to disguise himself in the presence of a hostile creature. Price 19,000 gp; Slot none; CL 7th; Weight 1 lb. Most curses alter a base item. Magic Items hat of disguise, helm of comprehend languages and read magic, helm of telepathy. Monsters conjured by this shield remain until killed, act as normal for their kind, and are treated as summoned creatures with a permanent duration. If the character’s saving throw is a natural 1, the item actually removes all gender from the wearer, giving him an androgynous, neutered appearance. The GM can either roll randomly (1d6; 1–3 zombies, 4–5 ghouls, 6 vampire) or choose which sorts of undead the affected creatures believe themselves to be, customizing to the personality and abilities of each creature. Cursed items are unusual magical creations that have a malicious effect on the unwary and can force its wielders into difficult choices. However, when the wielder is adjacent to or within a flammable object or structure, he feels inclined to set the object ablaze, using whatever means at his disposal. Cursed items can be sold, if the curse is not known to the buyer, as if they were the item they appear to be. Just as a character shouldn’t necessarily immediately know what the enhancement bonus of a non-cursed magic item is, she shouldn’t immediately know that a weapon is cursed. The blindness can be cured using remove blindness/deafness or any spell normally used to end a curse. If the triggering material is not entirely inside of the bag, such as when someone reaches a hand inside, the bag of devouring attempts to pull it completely inside the bag using a Grapple action, with an Athletics bonus determined by the type of bag. All unfriendly characters within 300 feet have a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls against her. (20 lbs. Rare Abjuration Cursed Extradimensional Invested Magical. Melee 2 claws +25 (3d6+16/19-20 plus pain) and bite +22 (2d6+8) Space 20 ft.; Reach 20 ft. Special Attacks breath weapon (50 ft. cone, 12d6 acid plus nauseated 1 round, Reflex DC 30 for half damage and negate nausea, reuse 1d4 rounds) TACTICS The wearer may simply omit the truth or choose not to communicate, but even then must succeed on a DC 20 Will saving throw to avoid answering a direct question truthfully. The hand returns even if another creature steals it from you. Kleptomaniac’s gloves confer the same +5 competence bonus on Sleight of Hands checks as gloves of larceny, but the first time the wearer attempts to take something from a given creature with a Sleight of Hand check, she must attempt another such check against that creature at the first available opportunity, whether or not the first attempt was successful. Crossposted by 2 years ago. There is a 50% chance that a wish, miracle, or true resurrection spell can restore a devoured victim to life. When a magic item creation skill check fails by 5 or more, roll on Table: Common Item Curses to determine the type of curse possessed by the item. By the time the curse manifests and the buyers realize they have been cheated, the seller is long gone. If the spell is successful, the item can be discarded on the following round, but the curse reasserts itself if the item is used again. A DC 25 Reflex save allows the wearer to tear the scarab away before it burrows out of sight, but he still takes 3d6 points of damage. Although sometimes drawbacks occur only when the item is used (or held, in the case of some weapons), usually the drawback remains with the character for as long as she has the item. The following are a few examples of cursed items. Each time the wearer confirms a critical hit with such a weapon, however, she must succeed at a DC 17 Fortitude save or the bracelet severs her hand, dealing 1d6 points of Dexterity drain and 2d6 points of bleed damage. Character must worship a particular deity. This beautiful necklace appears to be a magical item such as a necklace of fireballs or a pendant of the occult. This item looks like an ordinary beaker, bottle, container, decanter, flask, or jug. Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, resistance, creator must be 12th level; Cost 3,000 gp: Amber Spindle (Cracked) Ioun Stone Source Seekers of Secrets pg. The book reappears later, however, at a random location. Once used in combat, it imposes a –10 penalty on all Stealth checks made by its wielder. If the item is known to be cursed, the nature of the curse can be determined using the standard DC to identify the item. | Starjammer SRD The effect is not noticeable to the wearer or those affected. For … Press J to jump to the feed. When you make a successful attack with the weapon, it inflicts a wound that deals 1d6 persistent bleed damage (in addition to its normal damage), but it also deals 1d6 persistent bleed damage to you. This innocuous-looking cloak is associated with a type of poison, set at the cloak’s creation. Once the curse has activated for the first time, the cloak fuses to you. The necklace loosens after you’ve been dead for a month. Temperature around item is 10° F cooler than normal. On a failure, you instead fling the item 15 feet in a random direction. On a result of 01–05 the item activates at some random point during that day. If the curse comes from a cursed item or other external source, a success indicates that the target creature can rid itself of the cursed item, but it doesn’t remove the curse from the item. Rare Cursed Invested Magical Transmutation. Fused cursed items can be removed by targeting the item’s owner with a remove curse spell or similar magic. A weapon with the backbiting curse warps space in response to catastrophic mishaps. I suggest you make a forum post so people can critique and suggest items for your guide. The curse remains dormant until the weapon hits a creature, at which point black thorns protrude from the weapon and dig into your body; the weapon fuses to you and you can’t use the hand that holds the weapon for any other purpose. Once per day, a creature holding the severed hand can speak the bracelet’s command word to gain access to one combat feat known by the previous wearer for 24 hours, as if it were a bonus feat. If the monsters cannot emerge directly from the shield and survive (for example, because it’s buried or underwater), they instead appear at the nearest safe location within 50 feet. Sell at the Open Gaming Store! Character now bears some identifying mark (tattoo, weird glow, or the like). Cursed items are almost never made intentionally. You attempt to counteract one curse afflicting the target. | Swords and Wizardry SRD If the owner repeatedly tries to get rid of it or leaves it behind at home, it torments him with terrible nightmares in which everyone he trusts abandons him. Each time he does so, he must make a DC 15 Will saving throw to avoid blurting out the truth or taking some other involuntary action that spoils his attempted ruse. The rotting can also be countered by crushing a periapt of health and sprinkling its dust upon the afflicted character (a full-round action), whereupon the periapt of foul rotting likewise crumbles to dust. Cursed Backbiter Spear Source Ultimate Equipment pg. The pages that are still legible detail three violent events that apparently took place while the writer was traveling through an unknown land. Magic Items amulet of proof against detection and location. It also makes it nearly impossible for the owner to tell a lie or engage in any other sort of subterfuge. Character becomes paranoid about losing the item and afraid of damage occurring to it. 2E - PDF with Magical Items, Consumables and Runes sorted by Level. The handle deals 1d6 points of damage when it hits. So long as the circlet of spell-eating has caused its wearer to forget at least one spell, its creator can cast the first spell lost to the item once per day as a spell-like ability. Pathfinder Compendium. Item must be bathed in volcanic lava once per month. Unreliable: Each time the item is activated, there is a 5% chance (01–05 on d%) that it does not function. A book of this sort looks like a normal one on some mildly interesting topic. Only happens once. | Fudge SRD 345, PRPG Core Rulebook pg. The cloak deals 1d6 points of fire damage each round and cannot be removed unless the curse is broken. When placed upon the head, this item’s curse immediately takes effect (Will DC 15 negates). Because the weasel is a transformed item, you don’t gain any benefit you would receive from attacking a creature, defeating one, damaging one, or the like, but you do gain any benefit you would gain from destroying an item. Magic Items decanter of endless water, efreeti bottle, eversmoking bottle, iron flask. Intentionally crafting cursed items requires the same item creation feats and skill checks as does crafting a normal item of that type, but in addition to such requirements, intentionally cursed items require bestow curse or major curse as a spell prerequisites.