UPDATED PARTS LIST (since my setup has changed) - https://bit.ly/2x1m5bY UPDATE VIDEO! It can also be used for Sony action cameras or any standard tripod-mounted device. Action cameras are a lot easier to mount to your helmet or motorcycle than DSLR cameras but they also stand up better to vibrations and different weather conditions. Riding a motorcycle is no joke because you are more prone to accidents on the road compared to when you are driving a closed vehicle. It is a perfect fit for most helmet types which include bicycles, mountain bikes, motorbikes, snowboarding, skydiving, skateboarding and kayaks. Best GoPro Helmet Mounts. Top Mount. To get the best audio possible, we recommend using an external microphone. Purchase Polaroid Cube+ Wi-Fi Lifestyle Action Camera Depending on your helmet, you may be able to install your helmet on a flat surface, which is generally easier. Amongst other things, the answer to the question depends on how ‘approved motor bike helmet’ is defined in the legislation. So I also provide you details on how to mount GoPro to helmet. Dango Design Gripper Mount - Universal Clamp Mount for Action Cameras, Use as a Mount on Motorcycle, Powersports Helmets & More - Stealth Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 243 $49.99 $ 49 . Your camera should be easy to mount to your helmet or motorcycle. The camera is lightweight and easy to mount pretty much anywhere, making it a great choice for a motorcycle helmet. A great way to get more out of your action cam is to attach it to a mount, and the helmet mount is one of the most versatile options. The RickRak GoPro and action camera mount is easily placed on any round bar with the exclusive Rickrak clamp. 1. Helmet Chin Mounts; 4. Helmet mount is the coolest way to make the most out of your action camera and there are many ways in which the camera and mic can be mounted on the helmet. Helmet Camera Mount for Action Camera. This motorcycle helmet rear camera has a battery life of 2.5 hours when fully charged and a high-quality video resolution of 1080P. There are many different ways to mount your action cam and mic onto your helmet, but there are some factors to consider when choosing a mount. If you have to install the camera on a curved surface, make sure you get the proper adhesive and mounts for your camera. The mounts that come with most motorcycle video cameras are semi-useful for mounting the camera to a helmet but not the motorcycle. Among the most common places to mount your camera is on top in the center, and at the front of the helmet. GoPro Flat and Curved Mounts; 2. An NRMA Member recently asked us on Facebook if it was an offence to have a camera attached to your motorbike helmet while riding. This mount comes on and off very quickly and can easily be moved around. Just like a car that uses a dashboard camera, riders too must use a camera to record their journey. Nikon also offers many types of adhesives, mounts, helmet straps, and more to make sure you can record whatever it is you need. Wear Action Cam on your head as a helmet camera for unique POV shots, and keep an unobstructed view of your course for best performance. 99 Attach the camera to a roll bar mount or a handlebar mount to take a variety of shots, or use an Arm Kit for fine angle adjustment. GoPro Front Facing Mounts; 3. Suction cup style camera mounts are readily available and they can be used for a sturdier mounting arrangement. The BOBLOV Helmet Dash Camera works as a dual-channel camera, whilst also doubling up as a motorcycle helmet camera that can able to take live-action shots and a dash cam to record from inside a car. The clamp has a protective rubber material to assure no scratches are left behind. Easy to mount. This helmet chin mount set is compatible with all GoPro and GoPro-like action cameras. Motovlogging Microphone.